Badminton: The way to hold, hit and form for high back shot (there’s video)


What is Highback? (how to: hold the racket and hit)

Badminton: The way to hold, hit and form for high back shot (there’s video)

Badminton: The way to hold, hit and form for high back shot (there’s video)

The word highback in badminton means to hit facing backward. There are many people who struggling the way to hold the racket in highback position. Most of the people are using backhand grip when they hit. But it makes the area of hand motion smaller.

So, it is hard to transmit the power. The right way to grip is forehand grip. In case, you can move your thumb little bit to the smallest side of octagon in the grip. The place where you hit when backshot is also important.

When you hit in back shot, you face backward. Getting impact right above you does not transmit enough power. It is important to get impact right before you. The way you shoot in high back shot is different from normal shot, so this is one of the hard shot to explain.

The next paragraph will be about when to use high back shot.

High back shot changes the way of rally

When you are able to use high back shot, it is easy to hit when the pack goes too far behind because you don’t have to go around anymore. When you are easily know the way to hit, way you can play will be wider. You should not only do back shot, but it helps you from bad situation.

Maybe you are visiting this page because you are struggling to hit the pack that is coming behind you.

In the next paragraph, I will be telling you the way to hold the racket my explanation.

The difference between high back and back hand grip

High back grip and back shot grip is different. When you are holding back hand, the grip look octagon from looking through hrip end. But in high back, when you put thumb on the widest area, it makes the area where hand can move smaller.

It means that it will restrict the wrist. So, you put your thumb on 2nd widest area or last widest area. Or, you can find your own way to grip. Can you see how it will be easier to move your wrist this time? This is the way to hold the racket in high back shot.

If you find this explanation hard, you can click on the video below to understand what I’m talking about.

When you want to do high back shot

I was not good at using high back shot before. I’ve practiced with my teammates doing tossing, and I finally learned the way to hit back. But, good players and coaches will be teaching about the high back shot based on what I’m posting right now.

The practice is very important. If you use time, it will make your swing better, but don’t go to other way. High back shot is not difficult. If you are reading this blog, you will be good at shots soon. Let’s master high back shot.

The way to shoot the shuttle farther with high back

If you put your tension when you do high back shots, pack will not go farther. You must put force only when impact. Going under the impact, you will be relaxed until you hit. Don’t swing side way, you image like if you are about to dance and do high back shot. Looking at the video below, you can see that before and after hit, there are no tension.

When you think about shooting farther, the form will not be perfect. You should think about the impact and the grp of the racket.

The way to hit backhand smash with high back

It is important for you to think about elbow when you do backhand smash. From elbow, you will be able to hit in impact beautifully. Also, backhand smash will be easier if you think about not moving anything except for your arm.

The way to practice backhand smash with high back

Usually, the scene when you hit backhand smash with high back during game is the pack goes behind you. But I think it is difficult to do backhand smash if you don’t know the form of backhand smash.

Slow motion video of high back

バドミントン-ハイバック(スロー)Backhand Overhead Clear Shot

In this slow motion video, you can see there’s no tension when he hit.

Also, check this video few times to know if you are doing high back in correct way.

The point when you watch this video is to look at the elbow when he hits and the grip he does.

Lastly, you’ll understand how to shoot if you see overall image of high back.

The time of impact when you use high back

【バドミントン感動ハイバック】 実は簡単!?ハイバックショットはこう打つ!

This video explains about the impact.

You can shoot in many ways if you learn the correct way to hold, and form.

There are two kinds of back shot you should learn.

  • High back drop when you drop before straight
  • Back clear you do dropping after straight

You should remember these first to go to next level player.

Important thing to remember when you learn

It is important for you to know the timing of hitting. Looking at the way to hold the racket, and form they do when they play, you can see there are something called timing that affects the hitting of pack.

Image training should be perfect. You just need to play it.

It is same in normal shot, as well as high back shot, but you should not think about putting powers in to your hand. Feel like you bounce off something with paper.

Learning about racket work in short period

High back shots are most difficult racket work in badminton. In other way, it is the way to get up from beginners level, if you could memorize it.

Is high back or back hand way of hitting will improve when you buy a racket??

I think it makes it easier for you to use the racket. You can get better if you use money on some book that writes about badminton.

If you want to get better, you should visit this page and think about how you could improve


This time, I talked about easier way to do high back shot.